mix plates

mix plates

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White porcelain, raku and mixed body clay plates. The freckled raku plate has a clouded satin glaze on it while the oval plate has a teal/green tinted black satin finish and the white porcelain has a minimal clear satin finish. Each highlights a clay body in the singular, and then the two mixed together and the differences that result. Hand built.

Food safe.
Hand wash.

dark 240L x 150w x 10h mm
freckle 185d x 8h mm
pale 200L x 185w x 6h mm

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Every artefact is made by Jesse in line with the ethical and slow living movements as well as her own ethos. Each sale contributes to future projects that protect and empower the Australian environment through action and art. Proper care instructions are included with purchase or found here.

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