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Arrows for Provenance
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Nothing gives me more contentment than to collaborate with other creative people, especially if their passion is in a different area to mine. Why? Because when you bring two things that are very different together you can create some pretty wonderful ideas. Meeting Megan from Wool Days was one of those special instances.

This mindful, entrepreneurial lady has a passion for wool. Ethical wool that I could just rant about for a ages, but let's just give you a wonderful little snapshot. Megan's Scout wool is single-origin, breed-specific wool sourced directly from certified, biodynamic Australian sheep farms and spun in mills with strict eco-ethical standards. As a business, Wool Days focus' on fostering a connection from the sheep and the farmer, to those who have a love of good wool. Sound amazing? Well you can take my word for it, this is the softest wool I've ever touched. It makes everything else feel like barbed wire.

When Megan and I grabbed a coffee, it was to discuss a event she's planning in order to launch her business and introduce her passion to others... a social knitting day aptly called Knitting with Provenance. It will host an amazing list of contributors, myself included. 

For the event I would be hand-carving 25 sets of my wooden arrow knitting needles. That's FIFTY individual needles, over about 8 weeks. No lathe or power tools, I wanted to carve each one from tip to tip, and I got the stems uniform by feeding each of them through a 5mm bead, inch by inch.

By the end my hands were in bandages, I didn't feel my thumb for about a fortnight afterwards and I never wanted to see an arrow again in my life... but it was worth it. It was so, so worth it on multiple levels. I felt such a sense of fulfilment for being able to contribute to someone else's vision, but also the feeling that I'd pushed my own craft into new territory. I know now that I'm capable of committing to bigger ideas creatively and achieving them. What a beautiful realisation.

I'll be attending Knitting with Provenance to meet everyone, so those who attend please come and say hello. I hope that everyone on the day treasures their knitting needles and the honesty of good wool and good timber brought together.

- j xx