Frequently Asked Questions


When do you do shop updates?

I announce shop updates through my instagram account, however subscribers are notified first by email and have the opportunity for early bird shopping. You can sign up below to be in the loop.


do you wholesale?

The bespoke nature of my woodwork is time intensive and doesn't allow for a creation of work in any large qualities. For that reason I'm not taking on wholesalers at this time.


where do you ship?



what currency is your prices in?

All prices are in Australian dollars.


do you take commissions?

Only infrequently as my workload allows. If you have something in mind as a gift, or a special order for a cafe or retailer, get in touch via the contact page and I'll be happy to discuss.
There are a few exceptions. I will not accept requests for recreations of other woodworker's unique styles or products, and some projects I may turn down if I feel the request isn't the right fit for me at this point in time.