Frequently Asked Questions


When do you do shop updates?

Traditional shop updates aren’t my style, I prefer to list pieces as they are finished. This means new work is added to the store in a way that is more in line with the flow of my creative process, and more regularly too. I let my followers know of new listings through my instagram account,


Do you wholesale?

Part of my ethos is not creating wares for supply. I cycle through designs and ideas very quickly as they authentically occur to me, which doesn’t allow for the creation of large bodies of work. For that reason I don’t take on wholesalers.


Where do you ship?

Within Australia with free shipping, and internationally.


What currency is your prices in?

All prices are in Australian dollars. Locally known as dollary-doos.


Do you take commissions?

If you have something in particular in mind, pitch it to me! I’ve made special pieces for individuals, events, retailers, cafes and collaborated on instillations. I’m very limited in what projects I can take on, so the earlier you start the conversation the better!


What is ebonizing?

Ebonizing is a chemical reaction process between natural wood tannins and iron acetate. This reaction causes the wood fibres to turn black.