01. Ecological

It is very important to me that my work contributes back to the preservation of the natural world in a meaningful way. The environment is a steady theme in my work and I aim towards supporting ethical projects that reflect that importance. Collaborating with ecological organisations, raising awareness within small to large business practises and donating to causes that will see the lands we destroy terraformed back to stable ecosystems. Right now my attention is on ways we can preserve our sea ice and other climate challenges. If you are a cafe owner, an artist, an entrepreneur, an architect, there are ways to contribute at all levels and I want to be a part of that conservation.


02. Honest

I’m not afraid to get real and be vulnerable. This means I’m transparent with my work, myself and with you about everything from the origin of my materials, to the nitty gritty of costing.


03. Reflective

Imagination, small business and personal development are my three great loves. They are also the basis of my formal training outside of my creative practise. When I talk about ideas through essays or conversation, I often pose questions that explore emotional intelligence, identity and business. How much of your sense of self is tied up in your creative business? Who are you outside of your craft? I engage myself in philosophical and emotional debates on a rotation and my fascination translates into my work, my writing, and the kinds of ideas I put to others to consider for themselves.