Jesse-Bree Candusio is an Australian artist, sculptor and visual storyteller who creates modern heirlooms and artifacts from the gold-rush founded region of Central Victoria.

Building and throwing ceramics, carving wood, making tea, using my words and art to evoke thought and inspiration are the main elements behind my instillation and socially based practice. You can find me in my small studio with my bunnies Fleetwood and Freya, listening to podcasts or live streaming for others to join me for the afternoon.

one for me, one for you.

Creating large bodies of work or many reproductions of a piece doesn’t come naturally to me. Instead of for supply and demand, I create objects and wares in response to a direct need or purpose. A request from friends or followers, or the slow replacing of mass-produced wares within my own home translates into limited batches of 3-10. One is kept with me, and the rest is listed for you. This method allows me to build a tactile representation of the development of my work on my shelves, as well as nurturing an ongoing, tangible connection to those who have sister-pieces.

environments, within and without.

No matter the material or the shape of the project, the core of my practice comes from one of three environments: The natural environment around us, the one within our homes, and the one within ourselves. In a very busy world, I try to intuitively navigate to quieter moments, where we can feel a sense of all three. The ultimate purpose is to support the preservation, activism and awareness of these environments and the betterment of our world.

make magic, craft wonder.

There isn’t much difference between mindful and magical practices. It’s all rooted in intention. I enjoy using tools to focus my thoughts and shift my thought processes in new, unexpected directions. My instillations and exhibitions try to blur that line between the mineral, the material and a feeling of magic. This can be as simple as the touchstone of your ritualistically used favourite cup, to an immersive experience that evokes a deep dive into self reflection and personal growth.