a b o u t

Jesse-Bree is a woodworker, award-winning artist and budding ceramicist living in Central Victoria, AUS.

Sometimes called Jupiter

"I feel most things very deeply, and I'm very personally connected to my craft. If I didn't have it in my life as an outlet, I think I'd be a very different and far less happier person."

I create handmade utilitarian wares and sculpture from clay and reclaimed timbers.  My ethos is to create thoughtfully, with purpose, to forge curious and reflective pieces that interact with the individual in a personal way.

I tend to dive completely into my creative process like it's the bottom of the sea, which allows me to recenter with myself and focus on just... being. Everything I make is a final, humble comment on hours spent in meditative thoughtfulness alongside methodically working hands. It's a deeply healing experience for me as the artisan.

The most wonderful thing I can hope to make is an object that becomes ritualistic to the user, be it a spoon or a sculpture. Every coffee mark on a timber scoop, the conservations had over a ceramic cup, the touchstone of feeling the same stirrer in the same hand every morning... To me, that is when my work has a true and ongoing story.


My current work focus' on a reflection of architecture and our emotional responses to calming forms and shapes.