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Jesse~Bree (AKA Jesse-Bree Candusio) is a woodworker, award winning artist and interior designer living in Central Victoria, AUS. 

curious and reflective pieces
I never rush my work, instead mindfully devoting to the creative process from start to finish. As such I make less, but each piece means more.

Influence of a social medium and a return to simplisity as an escape from the complexity and mess of life. i'm often influenced by shapes and patterns that capture my attention in the day-to-day. An arched window, a new favourite emoji. 

I'm experimental and often influences ripple across my different disiplines. Some small  discovery while painting might express itself throughout my carving or through clay. I don't seperate one from the other, my work is fluid and all comes from me so they contantly cross-communicate.

I wanted to make art for art's sake, but to mostly create object that were functional and interact with you. When a spoon or a stirrer becomes a part of your morning routine, it's moved on from me and become personal to that indivdual instead. It adds on to the story, and thats a rewarding thought.


I  create bespoke utilitarian wares from reclaimed timbers, given them new life and purpose. Each piece is one of a kind, hand crafted with traditional and contemporary woodworking techniques to retain it's own unique personality and characteristics.

My studio space is based in an old observatory beside a forest, and I am constantly inspired by the sciences and the natural world around me. Astronomy, mapping and chemistry all influence my aesthetics and designs, but so does the simple shapes and patterns I discover in day to day life.

Environmentally conscious, I research the ethics of my tools and materials in an effort to 'create kindly', with minimal waste and impact. I craft thoughtfully, with purpose, to forge curious and reflective pieces that enhance the experience of being at home while lending to expression, function and individuality.

My current focus is on organic shapes, planet and celestial-themed spoons and incorporating different materials into my work, like ceramics and metal.

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Photos by Sabine Le Grande for Trouvé Magazine